We can supply both handmade silvered glass as well as quality float glass mirrors from Viridian, guardian and St Gobain in any size up to 2440mm x 3660 mm x 6mm, 4mm and 3mm is also available in up to 2440 x 1840 but as only 6mm is capable of holding a flat plane we would only recommend using it up to 1m2 in area we specialize in antiques, our mirrors are in all states and territories and overseas, old mirrors are stripped to clear and resilvered with the utmost personal attention small sections can be left clear for those special jobs, we naked silver telescope lenses, if its glass we can silver it, inside bottles even. antique cut glass hand mirrors restored to as new, done without fuss, generally a 2 week turnaround on resilvers we are masters of copying, if it’s a mirror or even just glass made in the last few hundred years we’ve been asked to make it right, all bevelled and brilliant cut mirrors replaced, Victorian venetian mirror corners copied, there’s nothing more upsetting than 3 nice corners and 1 made by farmer fred on a $10 000 mirror, they need to match, and it can be done gym’s pillaties studios, physio’s, and dance studios all rely on us to supply large mirrors at affordable rates, home gyms are very popular we recently completed a 400 mirror installation in a major shopping centre there is no job too big for us, car rear vision mirrors, we have done over 10,000, need we say more, from silver ghost’s to the latest imports, we’ve made, sold and serviced mirrors personally for over thirty years, the correct installation is critical to the life of the mirror, anyone can stick up a mirror, the fact that I have never pulled off a mirror yet that was actually stuck on correctly should testify to the situation, ask one? what, or who trained who’s installing your mirror, at best they will be just glaziers, mirrors are a sideline to the glass so with factory direct pricing, expert knowledge, the best quality product, and thousands of happy clients, we hope to make it easy for you.