We basically can and have glazed every type of glass project imaginable, from a 200 year old book case with period glass and materials to the latest frameless glass designs we have the skills and experience to help our clients achieve their aims in the most efficient cost effective way, we have done work in all the Adelaide shopping centres over the last thirty years and are relied upon by several interstate and multi-national companies to provide a more sensible service in keeping with their own requirements not ours, as we never have a shortage of work ,we are always seeking to minimise our labour costs and work load, we cut the crap and deliver what we say, by using skill alone we give a superior job in less time, so although we might even be a little cheaper we can still make more than most, a win win for our clients, we look at our clients as friends, friends help each other, we have clients stretching back decades. the trust we like to develop with our clients mean a lot don’t ask for quotes unless they need a bit of an idea to cost, they rely on us to use our knowledge to provide what they need at the best value possible, weather that be a second hand piece of glass for a shed louver or a flawless piece for a photographic studio.