Glass Repair

A general term but wide ranging. Many companies repair glass windows and simple things but we are totally unique. because we repair all glass, from a simple louver or colonial pane in a house to the largest shopfront. We have restored the empire window on Nth terrace as well as glass in the art gallery of south Australia. antiques are entrusted to us by leading antique experts and we use the same techniques employed by the number one glass restorer of the UK.

Many thousands of crystal glasses have been given new lives by removing chips, regrinding stoppers and
de-blooming decanters these are all in a day’s work for us. car rear view mirrors by the thousands. You name it and if its glass and made in the last few hundred years chances are we have repaired it.
We regularly send glass throughout Australia and our work can be found in all states and territories including the homes of senior parliamentarians.