Bevelling is The grinding back of an edge of a piece of glass. The usual angles are between 5-7 degrees and are usually 25mm wide with 30mm on 6mm mirror these are best in frames. Steep bevels of 11-12 degrees are only 12mm wide on 6mm glass. The minimum width of a bevel is about 6mm with an arris of 1-2 mm. The usual edge people see as the minimum “not sharp edge” all bevels should be arrised.

Bevelling glass mirrors dates back to the late 17th century where glass was cast as plates no more than 118 by 68 inches (3000 x 1730mm) in France and the English plate was 82″ x48″ (2080 x 1220mm). They then ground the glass flat or “plated” the glass after that they polished the glass. This process by its nature means so much extra work was required to get to the edge naturally. It was much easier to grind a bevel or diamonding as it was known then. The chief glass works in London making plates was the Vauxhall glasshouse and the term “Vauxhall” or “Vauxhall edge” became quite generic.

By the 1890’s France was producing perfect bevels 30mm or more wide. After the 1st world war you will see seldom over 25mm and their standard was not equalled again. Until the modern equipment of today replaced the skill factor and the grinding wheels necessary for the job. Because the original stone quarries had long lost their good stone and closed.

Apart from the usual bevels which can be diminishing there is the clock face (a round glass with flat bevels), pearled , egg and dart , antique or Vauxhall’ What’s important is that being one of the last fully trained and apprenticed glass bevellers. I have at some stage replaced practically all of the bevelles from French antiques to veteran car lights and lenses and Venetian mirrors the list goes on. All glass breaks and there in a high chance is ones been repaired here. If it has been done by hand it can usually be done again. Over the last 30 plus years many thousands of people have walked away very happy with a treasured heirloom that has been repaired by us.

If You Need Bevelled Glass It Might Be Better And Cheaper To Talk To A Beveller Like Me.